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Cobb’s workplace reflects our culture and our core values of Integrity and Family. Simply put, we believe in treating each other like family and doing the right thing. We have high standards for ensuring our workplaces are operated safely, ethically, sustainably and comply with all applicable health and safety laws. Cobb values the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities of each individual team member at our global locations. We offer competitive wages, health programs, retirement benefits and reimbursement programs for educational and professional development. Cobb inspires team members to be their best and to seek opportunities for continuous growth within the company and agriculture sector during their careers.


  • 1 Foundation

    Our approach is to be a choice employer and we want our team members to grow, develop and succeed. As a small, but growing, global company, we welcome new team members of all backgrounds and education levels. We value diversity, creative thinking, and collaboration in the workplace. Cobb encourages lifelong learning and career development as demonstrated by the professional growth that many team members achieve during their years within the company and as exemplified by the varied career paths of Cobb’s global leaders.

  • 2 Support

    Cobb’s commitment to excellence in the workplace is substantially supported by the company’s human resource division which includes trained human resource officers within each global business unit, safety managers, chaplains, nurses and talent and development specialists. The physical, emotional and mental health and overall well-being of Cobb team members are primary focus areas for this comprehensive team. They are committed to supporting a caring, inclusive and safety-conscious culture at each of our locations.

    Our commitment to poultry care and welfare is fully endorsed by senior leadership at all global locations. Cobb biosecurity, avian health and welfare programs are directed by quality assurance, veterinary and welfare teams in each region. We firmly believe that each Team Member and farmer is responsible and accountable for the daily implementation of Cobb expectations. We inspect what we expect via internal and external assessments to ensure accountability and to verify alignment with our welfare and care expectations. Regular monitoring is used to confirm health status of chickens throughout the life of the flock. Cobb’s participation in government and external quality assurance schemes illustrates our transparency and dedication to excellent poultry health and welfare. 

  • 3 Innovation

    While each global location is unique, Cobb is committed to the use of comprehensive programs, dynamic training opportunities and innovative incentives to optimize the health, safety and professional development of team members. These include:

    1. Safety: Recognizing that generational learning is unique, Cobb has implemented traditional and digitally-based, interactive training methods to help educate team members about workplace safety topics. Health and safety training topics are provided on a monthly basis, are customized by type of workplace, and are relatable and memorable since they often include photos of team members demonstrating excellent safety measures.  Cobb implemented a new internal safety program in 2018 that promotes team member engagement and discussion on workplace safety measures. This Cobb safety program encourages and rewards team members who share ideas that benefit workplace safety measures. Internal audits by dedicated safety managers allow the company to continuously monitor outcomes, acknowledge safety achievements, and share ideas to prevent future injuries.
    2. Education: Cobb encourages team members to achieve their personal goals and to reach their full professional potential. Educational opportunities vary by global location and may include enrollment in adult education certificate programs, ESL (English as a second language) courses, literacy courses related to financial, computer and digital learning, and education reimbursement for college courses. To assist office-based staff with their knowledge of poultry production, Cobb partnered with Texas A&M university to allow team members to enroll in a two year program that includes college-level online poultry courses at no cost to the team member. We’re proud of Cobb team members who have completed this Poultry Meat Production Certification and know that this comprehensive education bolsters their understanding of the poultry industry. Cobb’s innovative initiatives encourage lifelong learning and allow team members to expand their education while working full-time for Cobb.
    3. Professional development: With a focus on leadership development and improving workplace communication, Cobb’s Talent and Development Team created the Cobb Academy which includes various online and in-person courses that are offered at no cost to team members. This internal approach enhances the knowledge and skills of our team members and encourages team work and self-confidence. Cobb Academy courses include topics on conflict resolution, critical practices for leading a team, understanding emotional intelligence, inspiring trust, and recognizing the imperatives of great leaders. The Cobb LEADership Foundation is an additional example of company innovation for aspiring and emerging leaders. Since 2015, a total of 160 team members have completed the program. Each team member completed more than 11 weeks of required coursework related to visualizing success, gaining respect, personality assessments, servant leadership and creating a leadership philosophy.

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Path to Progress

We’re proud of the progress and measurable impact that our safety, education, and professional development plans have for team members, the company’s future, and the poultry industry. In the past 10 years, we’ve added trained human resource officers within each global business unit, safety managers, talent and development specialists, chaplains and nurses. Since 2018, we’ve invested over $4 million USD in the CobbRewards program that awards team members for achieving safety goals at their location, for perfect attendance and for excellence in company programs that optimize the health and welfare of our chicken flocks. With this investment in people and programs, Cobb’s human resource team has inspired excellence in professional development, improved workplace safety, augmented employee health and well-being, and has optimized the recruitment and retention of team members.

workplace photo vaccine

Since January 2019, Cobb’s global workplace focus has centered on team member health and safety outcomes during the pandemic. The company has hosted on-site COVID vaccine clinics for team members and their families, implemented health monitoring stations and social-distancing tools at all workplace locations and provided financial support for team members who were sick or required to quarantine. In addition to the pandemic response, Cobb’s path to progress has prioritized workplace safety as the top team member goal during the past 10 years.

For example, during this last decade, Cobb’s safety team has increased in size by 188% as part of our dedication to workplace safety and reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Key team members at each location are trained for safety measures to ensure that only certified, skilled staff conduct electrical, mechanical and confined-space repairs. We’re proud of the industry safety recognition awards that Cobb teams have received and are honored to be recognized at many company locations for the establishment of health & safety programs, a high level of safety performance and our focus on continuous improvement to reduce occupational injuries and workplace accidents.

In the last 10 years, Cobb has assisted many team members with their education goals. From a doctorate in poultry nutrition to a high school equivalency certificate, Cobb team members are taking advantage of the company's support to achieve their personal goals. Cobb is also very supportive of team members who need continuing education hours and professional certification in their area(s) of interest. From certification in welfare auditing to safety inspection, Cobb proudly provides time and monetary support to team members who must maintain their professional certifications and licensure. Cobb’s people-focused approach, investment in improving the lives of our team members, and support of education goals are an integral part of the company’s core value to be the best and our mission to make a difference. 

Cobb Cares in Action

Learn more about team members and the unique roles and career opportunities available around the world.

Orly Fernandez 2

Orlando Fernandez, DVM (Asia-Pacific)

Role: Managing Director 

Cobb TM since 2001

Career progression: Technical Service Manager; Director of Technical Services; Director of Technical Services and Quality Assurance Team; Managing Director

2021 workplace ellen machado

Ellen Machado (South America)

Role: Director of Planning, Import & Export and Logistics 

Cobb TM since 2003

Career Progression: Import & Export Analyst; Import & Export Coordinator; Planning, Import & Export, Credit and Collection Manager; Director of Planning, Import & Export and Logistics

Merrill Bishop

Merrill Bishop (North America)

Role: Senior Director of Transportation and Feed Operations

Cobb TM since 1999

Career Progression: Director of Feed Operations and Transportation; Director of Feed Mill Operations; Senior Director of Transportation and Feed Operations

Roy Mutimer

Roy Mutimer (Europe)

Role: Managing Director

Cobb TM since 1995

Career Progression: Quality Control Center Manager; Quality Assurance Manager; World Quality Assurance Manager; World Quality Assurance & Animal Welfare Manager; General Manager; Vice President (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia – Pacific); Managing Director

Cody Polley2

Cody Polley (North America)

Role: Director of Broiler Breeder Production

Cobb TM since 1998

Career progression: Pullet-Breeder Manager; Pedigree Farm Manager; World Technical Service Breeder Specialist; Director of World Technical Services Team; Director Broiler Breeder Production

Workplace CCIA Leasea Butler

Leasea Butler PhD (North America)

Role: Director of Business Development 

Cobb TM since 1998

Career progression: Assistant Pedigree Farm Manager; Great-grandparent farm manager; Director of Grandparent Production; Director of Technical Services Team (Europe); Director of Great-grandparent and Grandparent Production; Technical Service Specialist; Director of Business Development and Company Nutritionist

Workplace CCIA Kyle Traeger

Kyle Traeger (North America)

Role: World Quality Assurance Manager

Cobb TM since 1984

Career progression: Management Trainee; Pedigree Farm Sector Manager; Assistant GGP Farm Manager; GGP Farm Manager; GP Service Technician; Pedigree Farm manager; GP Complex Manager; Regional GP Complex Manager; Director of GP Production; World Quality Assurance Manager

Workplace CCIA Flavio Henrique

Flavio Henrique (South America)

Role: Senior Director of Operations 

Cobb TM since 2006

Career progression: GP Complex Manager; Regional Technical Service Representative; Regional Broiler Specialist; Manager of Technical Services Team; Associate Director of Business Development (North America); Senior Director of Operations

Workplace CCIA Mohammad Ismail

Mohammad Ismail (North America)

Role: Senior Director of Asia Sales and Technical Services 

Cobb TM since 1993

Career progression: Broiler Test Manager; Pullet Manager; Pedigree Farm Complex Manager; International Technical Service Manager; Director of Sales (Asia); Senior Director of Sales and Technical Services Team (Asia-Pacific)

Workplace CCIA Robin Jarquin

Robin Jarquin (North America)

Role: Director of World Technical Services 

Cobb TM since 2005

Career progression: Laboratory Manager; Sales and Technical Services Manager (Central America, Mexico, Caribbean); Director of World Technical Services Team 

Workplace CCIA Ronnie Love

Ronnie Love (North America)

Role: Advisor for Technical Service

Cobb TM since 1987

Career progression: Broiler Service Technician; Breeder Service Technician; Broiler Hatchery Manager; Breeder Hatchery Manager; Regional Technical Service Specialist

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Learn about our commitment to workplace culture, safety and professional development of TMs



Safety of our team members is the number one priority at all Cobb global locations. Formal training in workplace safety is provided to team members on a monthly basis and annually via digital learning platforms or in-person group meetings. Hands-on training is customized for the type of facility and may include topics such as: first responder certification for emergency scenarios, basic first-aid measures, energy control (lock-out/tag-out) authorization, confined space safety training, fire force training, hot works training for welding, fall protection training, and heavy equipment training.  Additionally, Cobb facility managers receive safety training relative to contractor safety requirements, boiler safety and incident investigation. Global safety results are reported via an internal dashboard to ensure that safety remains a priority for team members at worldwide locations.

Workplace WH Culture v2


One of Cobb’s core values is FAMILY. We believe in treating each other like family and this is engrained in our workplace culture. From Cobb’s president recognizing major safety, welfare and biosecurity achievements at global locations to specifically mentioning the name of each team member completing a career milestone during monthly internal Cobb videos, to catered workplace meals for the holidays, to sharing family news (births, loss of loved ones, and graduations), we celebrate the importance of our work family and our personal milestones within the company.

Workplace WH Health ThermalTempScanner


The global pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) radically changed the focus and expectations for workplace health and safety precautions for the Cobb global team. From the onset of the pandemic, Cobb senior leadership consulted with human health and safety experts and supported the implementation of science-based, innovative measures to safeguard the health of global team members. New workplace health initiatives included: digital screening and thermal scanning of team members at corporate office and company-operated production locations, provision of personal protection equipment (i.e., masks, safety glasses and face shields), enhanced cleaning measures for common areas, additional hand sanitation stations, social distancing devices for breakrooms and vans, and COVID-symptom screening surveys. Cobb has also hosted on-site vaccination clinics, in collaboration with local health departments, to provide COVID vaccines to team members and their immediate families.